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Einan's Thesis - Wild About Spaces (Architectural Space Programming)


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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Site
Chapter 3: Research Topic
Chapter 4: Case Study
Chapter 5: Space Programming
Chapter 6: Cost Analysis
Chapter 7: Synthesis
Chapter 8: Related Laws
The Thesis Proposal



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Architectural Space Programming.

Details of the "architectural space programming" are presented below. The bubble diagrams as well as the matrix inter-relationship diagrams are presented on some other pages.

Architectural space programming.

Based on the result of the architectural space programming, with a total building area of 7,763.76 square meters, of the total area, 3,061.97 square meters are devoted solely to the storage of the valuable collections (films, videotapes, audiotapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) that will be housed into the proposed project. Films at the storage areas occupy approximately 105.32 film cans per square meter, which is very close to the one currently being used by international film archives, which are approximately 107.50 film cans per square meters. Such shelving for the storage areas will saved those valuable spaces that are needed since the motion picture industry has grown tremendously. Furthermore, it occupies approximately 68 square meters per staff which is again close to the standard being used by American film archives of 85-100 square meters per staff and compared to the 9 square meters per staff employed in our local film archives, it is considered way, way, above and even at par with American film archives (see also "Chapter 4: Case Study").


Click here to view details of the Architectural Space Programming.

Click here for the bubble and matrix inter-relationship diagrams.



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Introduction | Objectives of the Film Archives | The Task of a Film Archive
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Architectural Space Programming

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